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Android Studio Wish List

Here are my wishes that I hope Google will listen to. They seem to be spending huge amounts of money on side events. Why not invest more in application development for mobile devices (and other devices)?

Any support or feedback on my suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

1. I doubt people who are developing for the iPhone or iPad spend any where near the amount of time we spend simply setting up the environment to work. Disregarding the bugs Android Studio may have and I appreciate that all is very complex. But a developer wants to spend time coding and not faffing about anxiously trying to fix issues with the development environment. Everything should happen automatically in a seamless install and equally simple update process. Then it should work. No setting of paths, no getting more software, no more strange cryptic errors, no scanning the web to find many others that have been bitten by the same problem. We developers want to spend time developing apps.

2. I have read articles on the website and apparently providing a nice GUI to help debugging your database activity in SQLite is a very low priority. Why? Most useful applications require databases to operate. Or is it that everyone else is developing games and alike. I cannot see how something as important as data access and debugging can be a low priority. There are many people asking for this. However, it is important to point out that you can see your database reasonable easily. Using the Emulator you can pull the database onto your hard drive and look at it using Firefox or using something like SQLite Expert (free). Follow this link But this is not as slick as it could be.

3. Emulator integration. As far as I can see emulators are clumsy, heavy, slow and not well hooked into Android Studio. Again if your application has to run on many different Android Applications I am sure this is complex stuff. Maybe there could be a more cut down version for basic non-gui elements of the app. Also, something has to be done to simulate “pinches” and “swipe” gestures etc. There can’t be many applications that don’t require either of these. Also holding the database in memory is not how it runs on a physical device.

4. I think we live in the times of Graphical User Interfaces for everything. Returning to the MSDOS prompt or UNIX prompt should be the dark ages! Am I (or anybody else going to develop an Android app that needs people to type and use command prompts – NO! Needing to understand how to run adb catlog -d i or using commands to look at my database is CRAP. My point of view 🙂

5. Just a minor issue. There are references to IntelliJ EVERYWHERE – even in the help. Surely it is not a great deal of effort to brand the product properly? If they cannot even get around to changing the name what else is going on? It is a little disconcerting.


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