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The Future Of Android Ios And Microsoft Windows 8 and 8.1

I do believe of you are developing an interesting Android application (which maybe you could share me a copy when you get that far). I will reciprocate. My vision of the future is follows. My predictions, so far, have happened. I can only see a few years into the future. I think that Microsoft has lost it right now. I expect them to buy themselves back into the market in the next 24 months. I think Google is starting to be the Microsoft of our era. I think that apple will over this time hold a solid niche.

I think people are going to realise that Android and iOS (never know which letters are capitals but that is not important) are far better operating systems. I think more and more people will use these. The result will be that people want bigger and bigger screens on their tablets. I see people using a small tablet to move about with and coming home to a big tablet that replaced the PC at home. Software is cheaper and easier to use. Even more importantly they have been designed within the constraints of a better operating system. Furthermore, marketing etc now is breaking through. So I think Google have positioned themselves well for a dynamic future. I think Apple (and we need them for all the innovations) will continue because quality will always have a place. The two words I would like to share with you with all my experience are: INNOVATION (something different that takes things further for man and woman kind), QUALITY (nothing is any good unless it works every time with no problems.) are what you need. There is no point in writing another weight tracking piece of software with dieting advice. That has long gone!

There are so many other words I could use. I keep hearing the word STABILITY – very valid but to me that is part of quality. Would you like to fly in a plane with a dodgy screw somewhere. Do you want to use software that crashes with some cryptic error. Surely those days are soon to be over.


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