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The Canvas Total Control Of Gestures And Painting

I have nothing here right now. But I specialise in writing Java, Android Studio graphic applications. As it is quite a long topic with many samples of code, with some object orientated theory I don’t want to embark on it if noone is interested. Here I am with very few hits on what I write and I expected that. Who am I? I don’t know. Does anyone really want to hear from me? I dont know. Please say and I have code samples I think will take you further. I am not saying everything I write is perfect (I am still learning and I am sure more experienced people will spot errors). At the end of the day – what works works and if it performs well – that is good. If it is not technically the best – well you hope to get there one day. Half of the reason why I am here exposing myself is to learn. Part of why I do what I do is because so many people have contributed their knowledge and helped me. I hope to help a few people back!


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  1. Um… yes, I need help, a ton of people need help, and I am like DIRE need of some help detecting a “flick,” and sending a related object across a creen… and this article SOUNDED like it was going to help with that.

    So.. yes? Write your article, please? And if not, man I need help lol! 🙂


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