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Detecting Gestures In Android Studio

This is how to detect gestures. I cribbed the code from this very good article..
I have simply made it tidier so that I haven’t used an inner class and called it from elsewhere, that is the only value of the code below.

below save in

public class DrawPicture

                    public DrawPicture(Canvas canvas, MyView inView)

                                   // Note onTouchListner set for view
                                   // Note you need to pass the context

                                      inView.setOnTouchListener(new OnSwipeTouchListener(inView.getContext()));
                                       …. ect..


Now for the listener class itself.  I store this OnSwipeTouchListener.Java. You will find code in this link

I have just changed it slightly for my own needs. No need to rewrite something that works well.


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