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iOS Versus Android – The Market?

I want to give each platform a fair crack. So I welcome comments from people who have developed apps on both the Android platform and the iOS platform. Maybe I am not even covering the full competition. I intend to develop related posts over time.

I expected Android Development to be tougher than developing for Apple products using iOS but I have read articles from people who have experience and have ported applications from one platform to another. It seems, from what I have read, that the pros and cons make it hard to choose. How we all would wish that you could write an application once and it would work on any platform. I guess that is far to idealistic.

According to AppBrain in February 2014 there were 1,132,053 Android apps on the market. 20% reported as “low quality”. But to be honest I found I was asking a difficult question when I tried to find a “true picture” of how many useful applications were on each platform. You can’t just count the application on Google Play and App Store (Google Play sells iOS apps too). Each platform is striving to have a bigger market than the other. This is for obvious reasons. You also have to take into account that some applications are rubbish, some have terrible user experience score, some are installed, some are downloaded a lot, some you pay for, some you don’t. There are so many factors you have to take into consideration. Also, there are hundreds of apps that do the same thing like “calorie counting” etc that do the same thing.

Anyway, for now I feel that Apple have had the lions share for sometime. It seems from the information that Android apps have accelerated and are nudging ahead. But as I said before no easy comparison can be made. When I first asked the question of how many apps are there on either platform I expected an easy answer. I also expected a clear leader. But folloiwing my research that does not seem the case. I stand to be corrected!

One thing is for sure if you have a unique application there is a huge market out there. But another consideration is that you have to sell your application for “beans”. So as usual it is hard to make a living and you need some luck!


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