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Trouble Using A Real Mobile Phone Device To Test

This is better covered by my website

I absolutely ripped my head with this one. Programming I can do, but having hassle with the development environment really gets me down.#

One thing is for sure. It is really necessary to check your app on a real device. Emulators only take you so far.

Anyway this one started me thinking that it would be nice to share my experiences with the general public.

I had the disadvantage of wanting to test my Android Application on two Samsung devices. Samsung has propriety stuff I wish it didn’t. The default keyboard is determined to always appear when I don’t want it. I will be careful next time I get a phone. I wrecked my development environment trying to deal with this. I guess with all things it helped me learn.

First you have to do something really strange on your phone. I say strange because there is no nice setting menu option to do the following. I have Android version 4.2.2 and recently one of my phones upgraded itself to 4.3.3. Anyway, on both phones you have to activate development options. On both my devices this is found under “About Device” or “About Phone”.

There you go to they greyed out bit that says Build Number. Then you tap it about seven times. It will tell you as you keep tapping…

Then you make sure that USB debugging is set to true. Well for some that will be the end of that.

However if you have a Samsung device things are a little more complicated. You may try download and using the two versions of Kies. Of course they see your device no problem. But does that mean the ADB in Android Studio will see it? No. It keeps on giving error “device not detected”. Why because you don’t have the right development drivers for your device.

If like me you went to the Samsung site looking for these drivers they were hidden. I trawled the net and eventually I found the “missing link”. Please use this link to get your device driver.

When it works you don’t have to try looking for your app that you can never find because nothing works and you don’t get any useful information. When it works it obviously works 🙂

Please report back to me if you find this useful.

Also, please post anything relevant to Android Studio to this new site.


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  1. Hi.
    I tried with samsung s3.
    Yes you are right about 7 clicks.
    but no need of downloading any driver.
    Thank you

  2. My phone was having the same issue, I installed the driver and it works fine now. GT-I9300


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